6 Reasons Why Oahu Should Be Your Next Vacation

Before visiting Hawaii for myself, I always wondered if the islands were a little overrated. People talked about places like Oahu as if it were paradise - perfect weather, lush foliage, fish-filled waters, etc.

I wondered though how good it could really be. Surely it has its flaws...

Nope. Besides the fact things are a little expensive, Oahu is perfect. Since spending 3 full days there, I can't stop gushing about all the same things other people gushed to me about. Incredible hiking, white-sand beaches, and 20 more cliché descriptions of tropical destinations. 

Hiking is one of the top reasons to visit Oahu

It really is a place everyone should experience at least once, if not twice or three times! One thing I know for sure is I'll be back soon, and it'll be even harder to leave.

To help convince you of everything I've claimed above, I've detailed out 6 reasons why Oahu should be your next vacation. I hope you agree with me by the end of this post, and find yourself searching for plane tickets. ;)


1. Endless Hiking

There are a million and one hikes in Oahu, each of them worthy of world-wide fame. The only tough part is choosing which one(s) to do, and accepting the fact that you’ll have to save the rest for next time.

The hike we decided to do was Koko Crater, also known as Koko Head Stairs. This hike is short, but demanding. It starts at the base of a large crater, and leads straight up an old railroad track. Since the track dates back to World War II, it’s old and slightly falling a part. Each ‘step’ is more like 2.5 steps, making the climb more and more difficult as the trail gets steeper.

But wow, are the views worth it!

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Make sure to hike Koko Crater in Oahu
Vacation in Oahu isn't complete without hiking
Standing at the top of Koko Crater in Oahu
Hiking is one of the main reasons to visit Oahu

Here is a list of a few other hikes in Oahu locals recommended:

  • Crouching Lion

  • Manoa Falls

  • Lulumahu Falls

  • Tom Tom Trail

  • Wiliwilinui Ridge

  • Pink Pillbox Hike

2. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

If you like snorkeling, Hanauma Bay will be paradise for you. This giant nature preserve is filled with brightly-colored fish, sea turtles and other coral life. Just make sure to put sunscreen on or you’ll fry!

Make sure to snorkel at Hanauma Bay in Oahu!

In regards to snorkeling gear, you can bring your own, or rent from a small kiosk at the base of the bay. For $20, they’ll loan you a snorkel, mask and a pair of fins. You can also rent a locker from them if you’re worried about leaving your valuables out (although it's a very family-friendly area).

TIP: There’s a $7.50 admission fee for visitors age 13 and over, as well as a $1 parking fee for people driving into the park.

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The view from above at Hanauma Bay

3. Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a hands-on experience that teaches people about the different cultures of the Pacific Islands. Unlike traditional museums where exhibits are static, the Polynesian Cultural Center brings 6 different island cultures to life with real natives, dancing and activities.

Visit Oahu and learn about Polynesian culture
The Polynesian Cultural Center is a must in Oahu
Visit Oahu and learn about Polynesian Culture

These are 6 the different islands you’ll learn about:

  • Aotearoa

  • Fiji

  • Hawaii

  • Samoa

  • Tahiti

  • Tonga

After exploring the different villages, you can eat dinner at the center and stay for their evening show, “Hā: Breath of Life.”

Add a little culture into your Oahu vacation
We had a lot of fun at the Polynesian Cultural Center

4. Delicious Food

I don’t know if Yuting and I were just super lucky, but everything we ate in Oahu impressed us. From giant garlic prawns, to pineapple shaped shortbread cookies, we were in heaven.

Below are a few of our favorite restaurants we discovered, and what each of them are known for:

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5. Big Waves on the North Shore

Oahu’s North Shore is famous for consistently big waves, and the occasional ‘super waves.’ If you’re an experienced or amateaur surfer looking to be challenged, you should be able to find plenty of action at places like Sunset Beach, Waimea Bay Beach Park and Pipeline. If you’re a beginner, check out Chun’s Reef, Puaʻena Point and inside Haleʻiwa.

Even if you’re not interested in surfing though, watching other people surf on the North Shore can be pretty entertaining. Yuting and I hauled out his drone at Sunset Beach and got a ton of video footage.

TIP: Check out Surfline for daily surf reports in Oahu

6. Gorgeous Beaches

Like hiking, your options are seemingly endless when it comes to finding a nice beach to lay on. Rent a car from Turo or hop on Oahu’s public transportation line, TheBus, and you can spend an entire day beach-hopping.

Beautiful beaches are one of the top reasons to visit Oahu
Visit Oahu and spend some time exploring the different beaches

Here is a list of some of my favorite beaches we found:

  • Waikiki Beach

  • Sandy Beach Park

  • Kailua Beach

  • Sunset Beach

If you’re lucky, you may even spot a few whales in the distance! We saw a few breach at Sandy Beach Park, and it made our trip.

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6 Reasons Why Oahu Should be Your Next Vacation
6 reasons why Oahu should be your next vacation

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