Luxury Tipi Camping Near Bryce Canyon

Have you ever stayed in a tipi before? I never knew it was even a possibility until I started looking for accommodation near Bryce Canyon. 

My first thought when I saw the pictures online - "I have to experience this!"

Sure my friends and I had planned on strictly camping during our road trip, however, exceptions could me made...

Two luxury tipi tents 30 minutes away from Bryce Canyon
We rented a tipi for two nights near Bryce Canyon

The tipi

Before you pull up images of the tipis from old western films, know this tipi is a little more modern than those.

The tipi, named 'Running Deer' by the owner, is made out of canvas instead of animal hides. It fits four people, and is incredibly spacious inside. Even with all of our packs and gear hanging around, my two friends and I had plenty of space to move around and stand up in the tipi.

We took a break from pitching our tent and rented a tipi near Bryce Canyon

Running Deer has also been built-up on a wood platform. This helps prevent bugs and rain water from getting inside.

My favorite part though, was the cozy furnishings inside - Pendleton pillows and blankets, a propane fireplace, four cushy cots, and little camp chairs. All of these extra details really added to the experience and made it stand out from other tipi listings I saw online.

Experience tipi camping when you visit Bryce Canyon

What to expect from your tipi experience

stars for days

For one, the stars are going to blow you away. Running Deer is located on a hill in a sparsely populated area. Bring a tripod if you're looking to practice your night photography, or simply lay a blanket down and look for shooting stars (I spotted one while I was there)!

potential s'mores buddies

Running Deer is actually one of two tipis owned and operated by the same person. The second tipi is called, 'Soaring Hawk,' and is located directly across from its mate. In between the two tipis is a shared fireplace.

Outside of our tipi rental in Utah

This may give you slight social anxiety, but trust me, give your neighbors a chance. We loved ours and ended up talking to them for hours over s'mores and hot dogs.

peace and quiet

Besides possibly having tipi neighbors, you're out on your own here. The tipi owner lives offsite, and both the tipis are located on private property. During our stay, my friends and I fell asleep to complete silence, and woke up to find the site just as peaceful in the morning.

Close to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park

The Running Deer and Soaring Hawk tipis are located about 30 minutes away from Bryce Canyon, and about an hour away from Zion. For my friends and I, this was perfect. Due to the tipis' relatively central position between the two parks, we were able to stay there for two nights instead of only one.

Preparing breakfast outside our tipi in Utah

This allowed us to relax a little more and not have to worry about switching campgrounds or packing up our gear.

Fixing breakfast outside our tipi near Bryce Canyon

How we fit two nights at the tipi into our itinerary:

  • Tipi Day 1 - Arrived the evening before planned Bryce Canyon visit

  • Tipi Day 2 - Explored Bryce Canyon

  • Tipi Day 3 - Packed up and drove to Zion National Park

Why you should choose this tipi

There are a few different campgrounds in the Bryce Canyon area which offer tipi camping. However, after driving past some of the other options, I'm really glad we choose the one we did.

Enjoying the Pendleton blankets at our tipi rental

Most of the other tipis we saw were much smaller in comparison, and definitely didn't look like they could fit four people. They also sat directly on the ground, and weren't built up on a wooden platform. While this is probably more 'authentic,' and true to how Native Americans once lived, the added comfort at our tipi site was definitely appreciated.

How to book your stay

I found our tipi through this listing on Hipcamp. Hipcamp is essentially the same thing as Airbnb, but with a camping focus. You can also book the Running Deer or Soaring Hawk tipis through Airbnb, VRBO, or the owner's personal website: Canyon Base Camp.

* First time Airbnb users: you can get $40 of free credit by using this link to create your Airbnb account.

* First time Hipcamp users: you can get $20 of free credit by using this link to create your Hipcamp account.

Waking up from a good night's rest in our tipi

Tipi Camping Tips

  • Bring your own water. While there's a clean porty potty on site, there's no running water at the tipi.

  • Shower at the nearby Red Canyon Campground. It's only a 10 minute drive from the tipi site.

  • Wake up and watch the sunrise. These tipi sites are on the hill and offer an amazing view of the surrounding area.

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Luxury Tipi Camping Near Bryce Canyon, Utah
Our stay at a luxury tipi near Bryce Canyon, Utah

Wolves and Waterfalls was welcomed as a sponsored guest to the Running Deer tipi site. As always, all opinions are own.

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