Room 4 Dessert in Bali: The Menu, Prices, and Verdict

Chances are if you’re reading this post you’re a major Chef’s Table fan (if not, please at least watch the episode on Room 4 Dessert before eating there - it’ll make the experience so much more meaningful). Room 4 Dessert was featured on Volume 4: Pastry. It’s a classic Chef’s Table episode, highlighting the life, struggles, and achievements of chef, Will Goldfarb.

Little did I know when I was watching the episode, that I’d not only be dining at Room 4 Dessert less than 6 months later, but I’d also be chatting to the very chef himself.

Will Goldfarb plating a signature dish at Room 4 Dessert in Bali

Life is crazy sometimes.

After a meeting a fellow Chef’s Table fan in Indonesia, the two of us decided to book a last minute reservation at Room 4 Dessert and see what 9 courses of dessert would feel like (p.s. it feels like your tummy is going to explode with happiness).

Leading up to our visit though, my friend and I had a lot of questions. How much was all of this dessert going to cost us? How much time do people usually spend here? What exactly would be on the menu? And most importantly - would it be worth it?

Since I never did find these answers on the internet, I treated myself as a very spoiled guinea pig and collected all the information I could from my experience at Room 4 Dessert in Ubud. The answers to those questions can be found below.

Dessert Tasting Menu

* The following menu is the dessert tasting menu which was in effect when I visited Room 4 Dessert on October 6, 2018. It rotates every 6 months so it will not be current for very long. However, hopefully this gives you an idea of the types of dessert you might expect during your visit.

Season 7.5: In Transition


Barley sabayon, local raspberry, “vanilla”

Planifoglia dish at Room 4 Dessert

New Wave

Carrot, pumpkin seed, anise, marigold

New Wave dish at Room 4 Dessert


Red fruits, rosella, beet cake, red wine

Red dish at Room 4 Dessert

Scarborough Pear

Apple tempura, sage diplomate, toffee

Scarborough Pear dish at Room 4 Dessert

Angel’s Kiss

Soy, mango, jackfruit, pandan, chamomile

(Accidentally ate this one without photographing it hehe).


Incidente Stradale

Coconut water, coconut vinegar, white coffee, jamu “kunyit”

Incidente Stradale dish at Room 4 Dessert

The Sugar Refinery

Coconut nectar chantilly, chocolate toblerone, soursop, Balinese meringue

The Sugar Refinery dish at Room 4 Dessert

Caramel Tea Brulée

Caramel, black tea, cardamom, and sea salt

Caramel Tea Brulee dish at Room 4 Dessert


Mom’s cookies, kluwak, warm mousse, “nibs” nougatine

Chocobubbles dish at Room 4 Dessert

Prices at Room 4 Dessert

* The following prices are the prices which were in effect when I visited Room 4 Dessert in Ubud on October 6, 2018. Prices listed do not include the 21% government tax and service charge, and are subject to change.

Dessert tasting menu for two - 780,000 IDR

Cocktail tasting - 490,000 IDR

Mocktail tasting - 330,000 IDR

When my friend and I visited, we split a dessert tasting menu for two and one mocktail tasting. The mocktail tasting was technically meant for one person, but we found it was the perfect amount to share. Had I had the mocktails to myself I wouldn’t have been able to finish them all.

Is the mocktail/cocktail tasting worth it?

If you’re on a budget then I’d consider skipping it. Otherwise, go for it. The drinks were carefully chosen to accentuate each dessert. They really added to the experience in my opinion.

The Verdict - was Room 4 Dessert worth it?

100%! It was one of the memorable and relaxing evenings I’ve ever had.

Even having already experienced Room 4 Dessert now, I will definitely be returning for round two the next time I’m in Bali. For one, the desserts were absolutely delicious. My fine-dining experience is limited, so having the opportunity to eat food as beautiful and as thoughtfully-created as Will’s was a real treat.

Meeting Will Goldfarb and his staff at Room 4 Dessert in Ubud, Bali

Besides the food though, the entire atmosphere really amplified the experience for me. The restaurant was small and intimate, the music matched the mood, and all the staff felt like family the moment we walked in the door.

Room 4 Dessert FAQs

How long does the whole experience usually take?

Plan for at least 3 hours. A tasting menu is not something which can or should be rushed. Take your time, enjoy the atmosphere, and savor your dessert.

Are you guaranteed to meet Will at Room 4 Dessert?

Unfortunately, no. According to Will’s staff, he’s usually in the restaurant about 5 days a week. It’s not certain which days of the week he’ll be gone, so you just have to try your luck. If you dine on a night when Will is working though, you’ll definitely meet him. Will does a nice job of speaking to all his guests and making them feel welcome.

When is the best time to book a reservation?

This question could easily be up for debate, but in my opinion, 10 pm. My friend Rahel and I had a 10 pm reservation and ended up being the last two people in the restaurant by around 1 am. The restaurant was starting to close down by this point, but lucky for us, Will uses the last 30 minutes or so of each service to practice new dishes. By staying a little bit longer than the rest of the guests, we got to see Will in his element, engaging his staff and creating a new masterpiece.

Where is Room 4 Dessert located?

Room 4 Dessert is located in Ubud, Bali. From the center of downtown Ubud, it’s about 30 minutes away by foot and about 5 minutes away by scooter or taxi.

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